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We help persons interested in the production of bakery products to grow and sustain their businesses more rapidly and effectively. We do this by providing knowledge and skill to improve quality and reduce production costs.



Training needs assessments, training program design and delivery, and evaluation of learning.


Production standards, cost control, and coaching.


Product formulation and modification, product troubleshooting, and bakery organization.


“Plain and simple, Kirk is a baker with practical and scientific knowledge of baking. There are few people with more passion for the baking industry.”

Jeff Rootring, Vice President of Technical Sale, AB Mauri

¨Kirk is a man who inspires respect, confidence and an ocean of knowledge from the A to Z about the baking industry. His large interaction with thousands of bakers, bakeries, equipment, products and markets of countries around the world, makes a unique combination of wisdom that needs to be present and alive for the next decades.¨

Mario Escobar Coronel, General Manager, Master Martini, Peru.

“Dr Kirk O’Donnell was an enthusiastic teacher for us, and he is well versed in not only Management best practices, but also in a wide range of baking topics. He can help solve your company problems or find improvements in order to make conditions better!”

Jun Sato, Japan Institute of Baking

“Kirk is a great professional in baking. In his contacts with hundreds of bakers around the world, he shows an ability to listen and understand production problems. Sometimes what is not said is even more important than what is said, and Kirk has the ability to ask the good questions and synthesize answers to solve problems. He knows how to rigorously apply science to bakery production and formulation, and he knows how to teach.”

Hubert Chiron, INRA France, and International Association of French Bread chairman

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kirk on many occasions here in Asia on bakery management seminars , hamburger bun workshops and a number of bakery  seminars at Food N Hotel Asia here in Singapore.  I was impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail in all our dealings, he is personable guy and can recommend his services to prospective clients. “

Mike Fleming, Director/Principal , Cerealtech School of Baking Technology, Singapore

“All programs conducted by Dr. O’Donnell were very successful among participants and helped to improve the quality of products in the Colombian industry. His extensive experience and knowledge enriched the knowledge of instructors and technicians in the industry.”

Boris Mejia, President, Tecno-Group, Colombia

“Always was a pleasure to work with you. Your dedication and knowledge will help baking companies all around the world.”

Miguel Galdós T., Vice President Latin America, Engrain