Looking back on the past year, how well are bakers doing in your country?  In general, are profit levels acceptable?  Why or why not?

7 thoughts on “Profits”

  1. Local baking companies are profitable and in good shape. A good sign for this is that during the last year we have seen the entrance to the market of international franchises as Paul, Meson Kaiser etc… Artisan baking market is getting more important and more valuable for the final consumer who want to eat more natural and healthier products.

  2. Korea has experienced sluggish in business since 2013 due to the Korea’s undesired income structure, which is dependent on export, most of it. Decreased export has been much impact on domestic economy in negative way and bakery shops’ profits have been dropped about 5% compared to last year. This profit was decreased more in- store bakeries than road bakery shops. The reason for this is speculated that less people tend to go to department store or shopping malls. All the bakery related businesses anticipate increase in sales this year. because this year symbolizes reddish monkey which is considered to Korean people more positive, creative and more active.

  3. Bakery industry continues to grow with lots of obstacles including availability of quality
    ingredients including skilled human resources. Moreover, implementation of Food Safety regulations has always been a challenge.

  4. Here in Thailand, the bakery business profit level was acceptable, but the rate of profits were not as high as the previous year, because the cost of ingredients increased even though the petrol price is going down . The other reason for profits not being as high are the introduction of new brands into the market. This resulted in a price war. We also have problems with the lack of efficient workers.

  5. In Peru, there is increasing concerns about the gap between quality and price. Artisan quality is now less than supermarket quality. Increasing share of the market is being taken by industrial bakers. For example, in Pannettone production, it has been 60/40, but in 2015 it was 80/20. The Food Industry in Peru has enjoyed rapid growth over the past ten years.

  6. Here in Brazil the year was not so good for the artisanal bakeries; because sales have decreased as well as the number of people entering the bakeries. For example, one of our clients normally have 1300 people coming to the bakery every day; but now the customer count is down to only 800 per day. To give another example: my daughter used to have lunch every day in a bakery; but now all of her friends are bringing the food from home and using a microwave to heat it in the school. In my opinion, lower bakery sales is due to the financial crisis that we have now in Brazil as well as increased interest in heathier food.

  7. La panadería artesanal en Venezuela ha tenido un golpe fuerte en producción debido a la escasez de la materia prima y el alto costo de la misma al ser comprada por contrabando, pero aun asi luchamos por poder ofrecer productos de calidad a nuestra clientela por el momento he estado usando redes sociales y trabajando desde casa, los resultados son prometedores.

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